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HIPAA compliant Medical Answering Service.


Medical Answering Services

the basics...

Most of our Medical Answering Service clients want us to field emergency calls. Doctors don't have time to take all patient calls after hours; our team will ask all the questions needed to help prioritize the calls. We then will follow the instructions you provide and deliver the messages accordingly.  Doctors, NPs, PAs, etc... can ER calls on HIPAA compliant apps like Tigertext, Onpage, Dochalo and more.  Admin can receive secure emails daily with all the Non-ER messages so they can respond the the next day to patients. Get accurate information. We can handle your calls no matter the complexity. 

What do you need? we can do it.

  • Real-time Secure Messaging
  • Custom Reporting
  • Call Screening
  • On-call management 
  • Web Access to messages
  • HIPAA compliant
  • We can do more just ask.

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